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The Personal Altar Cuff

The Personal Altar Cuff

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Introducing the "Personal Altar" cuff bracelet, a hauntingly beautiful piece that transcends gender with its wide sterling silver band and striking asymmetrical design.

Handcrafted by the artist in Naarm, this cuff features five stones set to create an otherworldly allure.

The first  Cuff boasts two mesmerizing smokey quartz stones entwined with three enchanting citrine gems, while the second exudes a darker elegance with four ominous red howlites juxtaposed against a single captivating square lapiz lazuli.

Embrace the mystical essence of this piece, a wearable symbol of personal mystique and dark elegance, beckoning those who dare to explore the depths of their minds.

Both pieces are made from solid 925 silver.

Please allow 2 weeks to be hand crafted before shipping. 

Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty.

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